Sweet Fig & Cassis | Scented Candle

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Adventure through the French capital in spring with the sweet scents of cassis, raspberry leaf, fig and sweet cherry.

Part of our European collection where the scents are full of florals and botanicals, and our continental adventures come to life!

Our hand poured, travel sized candles are perfect for beside the bath or bed when you want to skip the long haul flight and enjoy a great escape at home.

Wanderers rejoice as you can take them on your glamping adventures, to your AirBnB or a holiday home.

These mini soy blend candles are also a great moving in gift or housewarming offering, or just give to someone who needs a mini break.

We use a blend of natural soy wax and refined mineral wax to ensure you not only get a cleaner burn, but also a strong scent throw.


  • The first time you light your candle, ensure to let it burn until the wax pool reaches the edges of the jar to prevent tunnelling (about 3hrs)
  • Slightly trim the wick prior to every burn thereafter to ensure the flame doesn't get too big
  • Burn for no longer than about 4hrs at a time