Our Journey

Owner Emma started The Great Escape - a Truro beauty salon - in 2008 when she was 21. She’s no great fan of staying in one place, so-so salons, grey-beige products or life minus adventure, so The Great Escape reflects her love of colour, movement, the big wide world and mixing things up.

We’ve never been able to find a range of products to use in our treatments that were fun and full of incredible ingredients, so we decided to make our own!

Handmade in small batches here in Cornwall, our range of travel inspired skincare is perfect for the adventurous, and for those looking for honest, cruelty-free, natural beauty.

We wanted to create inspiring skincare utilising ingredients from all over the earth, fusing together fun and function. Every ingredient is there for reasons we can explain, from sources we can trust and trace.

So tap into memories of adventures that have otherwise been forgotten, or take a great escape to a new and distant destination with our growing range of handmade skincare.

We're always on the go, trying something new, travelling, blending, experimenting and perfecting: bringing the world to your senses.