We always thought skincare awards were for the big corporations, for those with the massive adverts that fill those first few pages of a glossy magazine.

Not for us.

Not for a brand new collection that applied for such skincare awards just one day before entries closed!


The Beauty Shortlist Awards are in their 6th year of recognising brands from across the globe over a range of categories that are judged and tested by real people, not through votes.

This means that small, artisan brands like us with little to no marketing budget have a chance to be seen, to be heard...and in this case, to be scooped out of our jars and rubbed onto the arm of an expert. To be sniffed, analysed, watched and hopefully enjoyed!


Although we didn't win in our chosen categories, two of our products each received an Editors Choice Award, our Head to Haiti Hair Mask and our Wish Upon Hvar Body Scrub.


Not bad for newbies, eh!





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